Urgent Repairs

During your tenancy you may have maintenance that requires urgent action and a tradesperson will be needed after hours.      


 Should you have an emergency please call:


Greenhills Electrics 
Contact: Graeme: 0418 351 519 or Shannon: 0408 309 653

CLG Electrical
Contact: Chris 0402 140 955



DJS Melbourne Plumbing 
Contact: 8456 0507

Lowry Plumbing 
Contact: Ben Mobile: 0425 777 296


You should appreciate that if a fault occurs after hours, these calls are extremely expensive therefore you should be sure that the fault is a real emergency otherwise you may find yourself liable for the entire cost of the after hours call out for the repair e.g. one broken element in a stove, or a power point that is not working but is not dangerous if not used or a roof leak that could wait until the next day. These examples DO NOT CONSTITUTE EMERGENCY REPAIRS.  

Useful information
Locked Out?

1.  If during business hours, contact our office to check if we have a spare key. (If out of business hours, you will need to contact a locksmith at your own expense).
2.  If we do have a spare key, you must attend our office for collection. (If we do not have a key, you will need to contact a locksmith at your own expense).
3.  Once you have let yourself into the property you must arrange for the key to be returned to the office as a matter of urgency.

NB: Should you be in a situation where you must ‘break and enter’ please be aware that you will need to arrange urgent repair of any broken structures or items at your own expense.

Do You Have A Major Water Leak?

1. Turn off the main water supply usually located at the front of the property.
2. Contact your property manager to advise of the water leak so they can arrange necessary maintenance.

Has a Tree Fallen?

1.  Contact the SES Ph: 132 500 and report the matter
2.  Contact your property manager to advise of the fallen tree so they can arrange necessary maintenance.

Is the Power Out?

1.  Ascertain whether your neighbours have also lost power to find out if the problem is only isolated to your rental property
2.  Contact your power company to find out whether any power shortages have been reported in the area. They will often give you an approximate time of when the power will be restored
3.  Check the fuse box to see whether the safety switch has tripped. If so, you may have a faulty appliance. Turn the safety switch back on and turn on each appliance individually to ascertain which appliance is causing the safety switch to turn off.

Can You Smell Gas?

1.  Contact the National Response Centre phone number located on your gas bill.
2.  Try to locate where the smell is coming from
3. I f it is coming from the gas meter usually located at the front of the property, contact your gas supplier to report the fault and have a technician attend. Also advise your property manager of the event to be noted in the property file.
4.  If it is not coming from the gas meter, contact your property manager to advise of the potential gas leak so they can arrange necessary maintenance.

If you are unable to reach your property manager, please leave a message on the mobile and office number and the matter will be addressed within 24 hours in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.