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How to Find the Best Deals on Real Estate Properties in Watsonia

The continued rise in the prices of real estate properties across Australia makes investing in your own home today a good financial decision. Around Melbourne, lands and houses for sale have shown a robust growth year by year, with the suburbs receiving much of the benefits in the appreciation of property value.

Among Melbourne’s suburbs, Watsonia is developing into one of the prime locations to rent or buy new property.

The suburb of Watson, located just 16 kilometers from Melbourne’s Centrals Business District, is an attractive destination for buyers who are looking for properties in areas adjacent to big cities. Because of the high price in city real estate, buyers flock to the suburbs like Watsonia for spacious properties at bargain prices. You cannot find this kind of environment in Melbourne. That is why workers and office workers in the city are opting to relocate in the suburb. This influx of buyers results to a sharp rise in the demand for real estate in Watsonia and the neighboring suburbs.

Real estate agents in Watsonia are the primary source of reliable data about properties for sale and sold result for the area. Unless you are introduced to the owner of a house for sale in Watsonia by a trusted friend, going through real estate agents is still the preferred way to buy property in Watsonia. Agents will save you lots of time and effort in scouting for and visiting property for sale in Watsonia.

Another thing to keep in mind when hunting for house for sale in Watson is your budget. It is important to know how much you are willing to spend to buy a house in Watsonia before you contact your agent. This way, you can quickly cross out house and land for sale in Watsonia that are not within your budget.

Based on properties listed for sale and sold results in Watsonia, the median prices for two-bedroom house is $565,000 while a house with three-bedroom costs around $605,000.

While Watsonia it is desirable to buy land in Watsonia, transients like office workers from Melbourne and college students enrolled in the neighboring La Trobe University, will find rental properties in Watsonia for fairly good prices.

The average rent in Watsonia is $335 per week for a two bedroom apartment while larger properties charge as much as $360 per week. Of course, you can find house for rent in Watsonia that charge much lower than that. And since house rentals in Watsonia are available for long term or short term contracts, negotiating for a discount is not out of the question.

The current crop of property to rent in Watsonia is good for small family with one or two children. Most of the home for rent in Watsonia are single story, two or three bedroom houses with wide lawns that are located in family friendly neighborhoods. At the average price of $335 per week, these properties give you more value for your money compared to what you will find elsewhere.